Well I miss my friends and it’s sad but it’s true
They’re either off to rehab or they’re all off to school
And all we have is time and soon we’ll run out
Answer your fucking phone, stop growing old without me
This world is spinnin’ round but I’m standing still
Haunted by the list of things I’ve got to do but never will
And I’m so sad, my best friend is my cat
When she dies I’ll kill myself, where’s a chainsaw at



Andrew Jackson Jihad - Fucc the Devil

I’m gonna fuck the devil in his mouth
I just need to listen to my sickness so I can learn how
And then train for a couple of weeks
Until I have all the skills I need
The flask is an alcoholic’s paintbrush.
The flask is an alcoholic’s toothbrush.
I need to go throw-up now.
I want to be the queen of all the bell rubs
Now I’m gonna quit my job
'Cuz I got another job
And I don’t need to work two jobs.
I guess you could call me lucky.

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